110 and 220 concurrently-is it possible?

tomraduJune 15, 2012

I may move to a place where the standard is 220-240V. Most of my appliances are US 110V. The wall-power adapter part is easy - I've many universal one, which I could install so that the US standard would fit. But, is it possible to rewire the new house so that it will support 110 and 220 on the same wiring/circuitry. Idea is: I shouldn't care what adapter type/voltage the appliance is- should be able to plug it anywhere.I've seen this done in some hotels.

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The shorter, cheaper, answer is NO for most US voltage appliances.
Buy popular appliances in the country or common trading area to which you are moving so you will be able to access service support.

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Not on the same "wiring/circuitry."

You would have to add a new set of wires, and will also have a hge run around with the Europen AHJs.

There standards do NOT cover 120 V wiring adequately.

A few newer appliances like computers often have auto sensing power supplies, but larger appliances rarely do (anything that uses motors or large loads).

Yu also need to be very aware that not all 'voltage converters' are created equal.

The small cheap units often fail very quickly, sometimes with damage to the load connected.

The 50 Hz frequency also can affect the operation of motors, especially larger induction motors.

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