Help with a color for this Cypress

kntryhumanOctober 12, 2009

These are custom built Cypress cabinets that I'm having a hard time deciding how to finish. I was going to use Waterlox but it turns them an amber/orangey color.

The wood has beautiful grain and I like the light color. What can I use on them. They're in a 106+ year old house so I don't want anything painted or contemporary.

The floors are Brazilian Cherry that will be sealed with Waterlox.

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My architect showed me a sample of brown/coffee Cypress wood that I considered for kitchen cabinets. I really liked it - it looked like wenge but without the wood cuts. Depends on whether you are looking for something that dark.

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Maybe Watco oil would not darken the wood as much as Waterlox. You could apply a wipe-on satin poly over it for more water protection without looking plastic-y. Personally, I feel that cypress is the most sublime of all softwoods, and I would never stain it.
The copper sink is very orange in places, it would seem, and I think that the waterlox finish would actually be perfect for the intended use. The color is going to mellow out over time. A penetrating finish is really the thing for cypress, as surface finishes, varnish included, tend to be prone to peeling.

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I don't want to go really dark. The floor is Brazilian Cherry and very dark. The walls are very dark blue/black.

I definitely want a penetrating stain. I got another piece of wood to play around with and I'm going to try mixing the stain with the Waterlox instead of putting straight stain. I'm going to check with the Benjamin Moore dealer here. They mixed a color to match the Brazilian Cherry that went on Mahogany and it's perfect.

It's so hard making a decision because I only have one chance. I can't redo it like painting a wall over.

The copper sink is actually very dark. The orange spots are a reflection of the flash.

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