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BIGprofitDecember 2, 2013

I just bought my first house and am in need of windows. I do not plan to live here long, just to flip it. But i like to do things right. I'm in search for a good quality window, for a decent price. Vinyl.

I had Window world come out for an estimate, but after little research I do not believe that is the route i want to go.

My research shows me a lot of people have there own opinions, and about every window company is mentioned. What do I need to stay away from?

Whats the quality of the jeld-win and anderson windows?

All the help would be greatly appreciated

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We are researching the same topic
My builder has budgeted in Atrium windows, which he's been using for a long time. He says he only uses products that have a good track record.
I'm looking for something else just for aesthetics only. I don't like any of the vinyl windows where the glass isn't recessed into the wall a bit.
He said that we could also do the Jeld-wen Premium vinyl window with a 3 1/4" (?) flat white trim around the exterior for around the same price. I haven't seen the window yet. I went into the window supply place and the guy there said that he thought the Atrium was a bit overpriced for the same features as other windows (which I assume he was talking about the Jeld-wen since I had gone into see that, but I don't know if he was looking at the track record of all the windows)
We've been through a lot of new homes and I've seen a lot of Pella and Jeld-wen (but I'm sure they aren't the lowest grade ones).
In case you want to know what our budget is. Here are the windows we need:
2'8" X 6'0" DH 3
2'8" X 6'0" SH 10
3'0" X 2'10" SH 2
2'8" X 2'0" Fixed 2
2'0" X 3'0" fixed 2
2'8" X 5'2" DH 1
2'4" X 3'10" DH 2
2'8" X 4'6" DH 5
1'4" X 4'0" fixed 2
2'8" X 4'6" SH 2
and he has an $4500 allowance for just the windows not labor.

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Both Jeldwin and Atrium are junk, i'm sorry. Most contractors use whatever their supplier offers. Any true window professional worth his salt would never use either and would never use andersen or pella vinyl.
The top vinyl window manufacturers according to most window professionals are as follows and in no particular order:
Soft Lite
Quantum Windows

What makes these windows better ? First off, they dont look cheap. Most importantly the quality of the vinyl is much better, the windows are much more airtight, much more energy efficient, and much stronger.
I'm quite certain your contractor will tell you he has installed millions of his cheap window and had no problems; yadda yadda yadda..

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I'm afraid that door Proz is correct. You are right that everyone has an opinion, and everybody says that they have great windows, which obviously is not true. The good news is that there is a very easy and objective way to compare. Every window is independently tested for thermal and structural performance. Compare u value, solar heat gain, air infiltration, and design pressure. Why have you never heard this before? Because the windows that actually perform well are in the minority, and the rest is junk. The list of products that door Proz mentioned is a pretty good list to work from.

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Great advice above, I'd expand your options.

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Thank you DoorProz, KarateGuy, and HomeSealed for your input. I am comparing right now Sunrise with Okna and when my quotes are done, I will see which is the better window AND installer I should go with. I will share before making a decision.

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I would take the $4500 and divide by 31. What state are you in? Window brands can be very regional.

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I'm in NC. It's amazing b/c we been through quite a few high end houses (600-700,000) and all the windows are flimsy with cheap feeling locks.

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to the above comments.

Flip or no flip...spend a little extra money and you will be glad you did and the quality will show in the home.

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The flimsy windows in those high end homes were obviously afterthoughts. Those that build homes today ( generally speaking) would rather spend thousands more upgrading to fancier tile in the mbr shower than even think about windows.

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Karateguy, I agree that the builder grade windows and doors in nice homes are terrible to save the builder money as most buyers do not know much about windows and doors until they move in and then it is usually a few years later that they realize how drafty the windows and doors are and the problem only gets worse. I have been in my home now 16 years and each year the problem gets worse. This forum has educated me this past year and now I am ready to buy very good quality windows and doors. Thank you for your input and being a great contributor to this Windows Forum, along with the other professionals that come here to share their knowledge.

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