HMI door prices - also provia

branlanceDecember 4, 2013

Just received a quote on an hmi door. Its a 36 inch entry door with 2 side lites in textured / woodgrain steel. This was 20 guage steel .The total price was 5600 . Its a solid looking door and is obviously top quality.
I also received a same door configuration for a provia door and it was 5900, also a nice door.
Both companies said fiberglass would be a small upcharge.
Are these prices within range? I saw thermatru as well as jeldwin and although alot cheaper, they looked like junk compared to hmi and provia.

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Hard to say on price without more info (glass styles, etc), but certainly not out of the norm. I like both of those two doors along with HomeGuard. My personal preference is fiberglass, but the insulated steel units made by those guys are excellent as well. I would say that your perceptions are right-on in regards to quality.

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Those prices are totally normal and well within range for hmi or provia.
An entry door with side lites is an expensive option but well worth the extra investment with those two brands. Homeguard is also a good door as well.

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Entry door with sidelites...that can easily be on the low side of the price scale.

Sidelites are often as expensive as the door unit itself so that number is completely reasonable.

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The Okna Dealer quoted me:

Hmi entry door
20 guage textured steel $1,780
Add $50 more for Fiberglass. ($1,820)


The Sunrise dealer quote me:

Pro-Via Heritage Series Door (Fiberglass) $2,338.00

Which is the better door in terms of insulation and safety? Both are 36" and 80" tall and will confirm to the blue that I have to have my door painted in and the style for my townhouse complex.

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The hmi door is priced very very well. I dont know which style you chose but regardless, thats an excellent price. I imagine its some sort of " package deal".

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Yes, Doorproz, it is a package deal as I am buying three big windows, a new front door and a new patio door. If I am happy, then I will in a few months after my busy season, buy a balcony door for my bedroom and two big windows there also. Then I need to save to replace the other freezing cold 22 year old windows in my house (family room and two other bedrooms) as this townhouse is so drafy and cold. The vinyl frames have cracked in my windows and are leaking right now and the door can't be sealed anymore as it is just a mess.

I researched windows but I just never looked at doors before and know nothing. I had wanted a storm door but both Sunrise and Okna feel I need a new door and now I see they are right.

Thank you for replying. Last year I learned about Okna and Sunrise from this Windows Forum.

I really needed windows last year but I decided to wait and save money and get windows that will be insulated and be good quality.

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