finish on maple window trim?

tumbleweed56October 3, 2007

I've put up maple window trim on a kitchen window. I'm not going to stain it but does anyone have any suggestions on what type a finish to put on it. It will get a little sun. thank you.

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Any oil based finish will darken over time---to a color usually referred to as a 'warm amber'. That color is normal and some people only notice the change when it does not happen---as with water based finishes, which do not darken over time. Those finishes often leave a washed out look to natural wood.

Regular oil based varnish is the most utilized finish by builders as it is easy to apply and can be fixed easily. Dings/scratches/etc. can be spot sanded and spot varnished.

Polyurethane can be either oil based or water based---but is very difficult to repair---dings/scratches/etc.---due to the hardness of the dry finish. The defect has to be sanded out and the entire piece recoated.

There are UV additives to help sun fading.

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Thank you handymac. I didn't know that about varnishes.

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