too dark of stain

jtruax3October 31, 2010

Ok so Im replacing all my trim in my house with red oak.I had the shop thats making my trim also mix me some stain,the sample they made me was to my liking so I did a few samples on some small pieces before I started actually staning all my pieces.The problem is I think I put too much stain on and now its too dark.The way they said to do it was to just rub it in and leave it which is what I did but my trim is a lot darker than the sample they made for me.What can I do? I only sprayed one piece of trim with some minwax poly in a can so its really thin.Should I just wipe the stain off with thinner and sand it or is this trim ruin?

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Is this an oil based stain? If so, you can wipe it off somewhat with paint thinner or naptha. Then, follow the directions on the can.
One of the problems many people have is they make a small sample. Many times, small samples don't give you the information you need. The larger your sample, the better you can tell how it will look on your project.

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Rub it on - smear it on, and then start wiping it off in the direction of the grain. Wipe off until you like the color.

The longer you leave it, the darker it gets.

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Actually, controlling the color of a stain is most easily done by wiping the stain on the wood with a soft cotton cloth or a strong paper towel(the blue kind) folded to be easily handled.

That allows you to see immediately how mmuch color is being applied. Darker usually requires multiple coats, so the process does take longer than the flood and wipe off method. The upside is much better control.

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