Watco Danish Oil - messed up application?

andrea345October 6, 2008

It's sticky - three days later it's still sticky. The first time we applied, it soaked right in & buffed up beautifully. This time - it's still sitting on the surface. I buff & it's still sticky.

I'm about to take mineral spirits to the table top & start all over again, or do you have some other suggestion? Does this stuff "go bad" over time? It's the same can we used a year ago.

Thanks for your help,


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How did you apply it?

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I shook the bottle & then rubbed it on. That was pretty much it.

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Did you follow the can's directions to "remove the excess after 30 minutes?" Watco Danish Oil is (depending on manufacturer du jour) about 65% mineral spirits (evaporates away), 22% linseed oil, and 7% varnish. So the solids content is about 2/3 oil. Oil will never cure hard and is not supposed to be left to form a film finish. Left on a piece of glass, oil (and Watco) will dry with a wrinkly finish. The varnish content in the first coat did a reasonable job sealing the wood, so the second coat didn't have as much place to go.

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I left it on about 4 hours before trying to rub it out. I was listening to my Dad. I think I missed a step. I'm open for "Now what?" responses.

Thank you for your time.

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Basically you left too much on the surface. Wipe off the excess with mineral spirits. It should dry pretty quickly after that.

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Thanks, Mike - Will try!

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