Kitchen Cabinets very grainy & dark.How to Stain & brighten

amav31October 21, 2007

My 70's Kicthen cabinets are dark color with even darker looking wood grains. Even though I am not fond of the color ,I wood like to give them a new look without painting. A google search on how to stain wood cabinets had me more confused. Every article writes different steps and words like shellac, Polyurethane,stain,enamel,primer, sand, buff,wax appear everywhere.

Exactly what steps should I take. First I have to clean the grime and grease off.I am planning to use Greased Lightening for this chore.Should I use TSP?

The wood on the cabinets do not have any finish

It is slightly rough to touch , very grainy with color variations.

1. What should I do after I clean. Sand and then stain. ?

2. After I stain should I sand again.?

3. When should I apply polyurethane.?

4. How can I minimise the grains on the wood. Is there a special stain for this.

I would like my cabinets to look new and shiny.

Here is a link to a picture of my kitchen

Would appreciate any help



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No offense, but by the questions you are asking, I think you are over your head. This is not the best project to be your first finishing job on.

The grain is a characteristic of the wood you have. You may be able to minimize the contrast. Sanding is not the way to accomplish this, and you may never be able to reduce the contrast at this point, since it's already been stained dark.

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