How can this crown problem be fixed?

strayerdarbOctober 30, 2013

Earlier today I posted this on the kitchen forum and someone suggested I post it here.

Here is a picture of what the cabinet maker tacked up. I need to talk to him about it in the morning. I don't want it to stick out beyond the wall. How can this be fixed?

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here is a wider shot

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Crown has a profile with a fixed size, so for it to not extend beyond the cabinet, the cabinet would have to be smaller. Or you need to replace with something that has a smaller profile.

Or you could add a layer of drywall to the soffit to build it out to the edge of the crown.

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OH Golly, I hope someone here can say something else but the last cabinet needs to be a bit more narrow so it ends where you what it to end (which is correct).
I did think of adding drywall but that means the entire wall across.
Who is responsible for the measuring?
Every house that is perfect has some such thing that only the owner knows--could this be yours???

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I see what's wrong and understand all the solutions, but honestly, I could live with this. I have a funny place where my kitchen crown ends at an opening into another room. They put a nice return on it, but it's still a bit odd. I know it's there, but in the big scheme of things, it's nothing to me.

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It's very hard to tell from the picture , but is there a filler strip and or piece of crown on the right side of the cabinet ?
There's a slight shadow that leads me to believe this might be the case .
If so , you might be able to remove the crown and filler strip and go flush to the taller cabinet . This might get you flush on the opposite side ....but it might leave the top cabinet slightly off centered to the cabinet below it .

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