How do I install blinds on new replacement windows

jimtncDecember 20, 2006

Is there a secret to this that I'm unaware of? After installing the new windows, I noticed there is barely room for any kind of "inside" attachment of window treatment. There is a little room on the inside top edge, but the windows are even with the outside trim moulding.

If I have to install using the "outside" method it's gonna really create a problem for shutter/wood blind installs. Any tips, pro's? Thanks.

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I have been asking the same question in another thread here:

I wish window dealers would TELL US about the possible problem installing blinds with these new type of windows when we order. Not everyone wants curtains in their kitchen.

In this thread a person was told by the window dealer that blinds would not work with certain types of new windows:

There has to be some sort of solution..............

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The problem is that most of the nicer treatments are for installing "inside" the window frame (that I've seen). That's a problem if you have no where to mount these things. All I have is moulding around what now is a flush mounted replacement window. My guess is the only solution is to go to the outside mounting, but that creates another problem for me because of possible clearances.

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I can tell this is a well-traveled forum. Geessshhh!

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bud, I agree window dealers and builders should warn people. In this house we built 5 years ago, we have vinyl windows and there is ample room...but we hate these windows.
In the house we are going to have built now, we have decided to do 2x6 walls. On another forum, I was told to still order the windows for 2x4 walls or we would have the same problem. I am going to call Marvin and see for sure.

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Yep, I'm in a confused state, for sure. The only place the mount is over the window or on the top of the window moulding, and I can't decide which is gonna look worse. Geessshhh!! I like the new windows, but they leave little in the way of decorating options, for sure.

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