simple question about two GFCIs on one line

njitgradJune 7, 2013

In my garage I have a 2 gang box. Coming into it is the line from the breaker. The hot wire is pigtailed with two black wires. One of those black wires is attached to the LINE of a GFCI outlet. The other black wire attaches to a 15A SPST switch.

On the other side of the switch is another black wire which runs via NM 14/2 to an outdoor outlet box, which houses the 2nd GFCI outlet (simply because its physical location is outdoors) connected in the same manner as the 1st GFCI outlet (which is in the garage).

All three neutrals (from the line coming in, from the GFCI outlet in the garage, and from the NM 14/2 coming from the outdoor outlet) are connected together in the 2 gang box. Likewise, all four grounds ((from the line coming in, from the GFCI outlet in the garage, from the NM 14/2 coming from the outdoor outlet, and from the ground screw on the SPST switch) are connected together.

Is this acceptable by code? I wasn't sure if it was OK to have a switch before my outdoor GFCI outlet. A switch for the outdoor outlet is a necessity for me (I only turn my outdoor outlet on for Christmas lights and outdoor work).

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Yes it's fine but, the outdoor GFCI receptacle isn't necessary provided the downstream wiring is on the load side of the indoor GFCI.

Not sure how long it's been there but, the code requires receptacles outdoors to be weather resistant.

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