3-way switch fixture *how to wire?

jvmagicJune 24, 2011


I have a light fixture with a black, white, and ground wire that I need to

connect to a 3-way switch setup. I have two different wire sets from

the fixture junction box. One set has a black, white, and neutral wire.

The other set has a black, red, and tan wire. The black wires are connected together and then have a pigtail.

How do I wire my light fixture?

Thanks in advance.

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The difference between a regular switch and a three-way switch is in the wiring between the two switches. There shouldn't be a difference at the fixture.

What was there previously and how was it wired?

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Hi Mike,

There use to be a light fixture there years ago but after our remodel, the contractor did not install a new one though he did remove the original one (long story).

I'm in the process of installing a light fixture and don't know how to wire it with wires I specified above.

I need help.

Thanks again.

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Need more info... how are the associated 3way switches wired and what wires (color) are in each switch box? Can you determine if there is power at the fixture box?

BTW, it should be black, white, and BARE (or green) and black, red, and white in your fixture box.

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Before the remodel, there was a working light fixture in place.
I don't know how the switches are wired ( I would have to open the switches) but assume they are OK being that there was a working fixture before.
I do have a black, white, and bare and the other being black, red, and tan in my fixture box. The blacks are together with a pigtail and the rest or on their own.

Thanks again.

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3-way switches allow a light to be controlled from 2 locations.

The 'three way' refers to the number of terminals on the switch. one common connection and two travelers.

You need to open the switch boxes and see what is there since it would appear you do not have three lines from each switch at the fixture box.

The switches may be interconnected already and the tan is the final switched line to supply the fixture hot.

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