Wood from cut tree?

nicole007October 4, 2012

Sadly, my large oak tree is going to have to be cut down. I told the tree men I wanted all the wood and they think I'm crazy to want the trunk too. How hard would it be to sell the trunk ... or are there people who want it whole for furniture? I've never had a tree cut before ... is wood too hard to sell at this time of year? Should I just let most of it go or ... please, any suggestions! It's goign to be all over my driveway tomorrow.

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If it is a white oak, there is some possibility that it could contain lumber of value. If it is a red oak it's firewood.
As a rule, legitimate sawmills will not touch any tree that grew near a house: high likelihood of embedded steel scraps (nails, hinges, g*d knows what) which will destroy a blade's sharpness or worse.
A portable one-man milling operation may be interested; may want to share the wood with you for his fee if there's some nice planks. Otherwise you pay him, and the wood's yours.

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Generally, keeping the wood---unless you have it cut up and split for firewood---is not worth the time/effort.

Firewood can be sold, depending on where you are.

Most portable sawmill owners will require you to pay for a damaged blade---what Casey said---in order to cut that kind of wood.

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Any branches larger than your wrist can be cut into 16-18 inch lengths for firewood, and with the growing popularity of "live edge" slabs, almost any impressive chunk of trunk can be used.


The trick is finding a person who saws the stuff
for homeowners. And starting the day before the tree will be cut down doesn't give you enough time to do it.

The tree removal service will prefer to take it down in short chunks (because lumber is not their end product), so you need to get the sawmill guy in the loop BEFORE the chainsaws come out.

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I used to know a crafter....a bowl maker who eagerly sought out oak and walnut with knobs and knots. He didn't want the straight stuff, but the interesting whorls and knots that he could work into wonderful bowls and cutting boards.
don't cut the wood into short lengths.....and don't use it for firewood!! Linked is one crafter of interesting boards.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Thibaults wood gallery

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