Type of dimmers? Need help

thedorkJune 14, 2013

I need some advice regarding what type of dimmers I need to use for LED recessed lights, under cabinet low voltage lights, one incandescent light fixture and two small pendants over the island which I am not sure which bulbs they use.

My issues is that the bearing wall studs don't allow me to put the four horizontally, they can fit vertically though.

My question is: Is there any type of double dimmer that I can use or they are all different - magnetic, one for LED etc. so I can put 2 and 2 double dimmers maybe????

Thank you!

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You need to ask the manufacturer of the fixture what dimmer(s) are compatible with their design.

Preferably by model number of the fixture AND dimmer

Just knowing a general type of dimmer and fixture is not really adequate given the wide number of electronic circuit types that can be used to convert 120 VAC down to the lower voltage (while preserving efficiency) many of the new technologies use internally.

LEDs use direct current, not Alternating Current.
The 120 V AC current must be both reduced in voltage and rectified to a DC form.

How this conversion is done will greatly effect the overall efficiency of the product in terms of Watts of power used vs. lumens of light produced.

Just because it appears to operate initially is not a reliable indicator of long term compatibility.

Fluorescent lights often require much higher voltages than 120 V to operate, and especially to start up (the striking voltage).
the currents then need to be limited, and are often very low or damage and short bulb life will occur (along with excess power consumption).

It often takes more complicated power supply designs to even allow dimming to occur, increasing the complexity and cost of the bulb, power supply, or both (especially if they are integrated and sold as a single unit).

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Thank you for the great tips.

I am using the Eco smart dimmable LED from HD. I will do more research.

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