First Birdbath

silvamaeNovember 2, 2010

Hi all. I'm starting my first birdbath and suggestions, warnings, comments, welcome! I am planning to piece the base together with three objects, and glue those objects together using thinset. The base of each object nestles nicely and fits well into the adjoining object. This is the technique I used on the glass totem I made last year. Using Mapei Ultraflex 2 with polymer mortar as the adhesive. Is this going to work? Any cautions? This baby will be outside all winter. The tess is from broken plates, thick and not as hard as porcelain, all made in Italy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Silva's blog

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Looks great to me .I have done one like that I used a terry cotta pot but I did coat it inside with thset .I do not know if it really mattered are not but it has been out side for about 4 or more years and you know where I live .The plate I set in the middle did break but the rest is good.I think it is a good idea not mosaic the in side .[IMG][/IMG]

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Okay, I'm worried about the plate that I intend to use as the base. It's "freezer to oven dishwasher safe made in Japan" and I'm going to take a chance on it. I will coat the terra cotta pot part of it with thinset as you did.

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Ooooooooh - that's gonna be fun to watch. SILVA: All I can tell you about terra cotta is beware. Do as NANA says and coat that sucker as much as possible w/the Ultra Flex inside and out. I know your climate, and wish you well. I've had a loss here on two terra cotta pots. My birdbath in the back yard - Matilda - that I made from pots has stood up all except the bowl. It's still intact, but the outside of the saucer, where I didn't mosaic, fell off. All that's holding it together is the mosaic on the inside. Every year, I think I'll slap on some thinset and mosaic the outside, but never get to it. I think if you coat the inside - or heck, why doncha fill it w/concrete - it'll hold your tess on the outside and not break apart. You bowls w/probably be ok. On my first walkway mosaic, I used some crummy, chalky dishes, and that crazy mosaic hasn't lost a tile, and we had a bad winter last year. Anxious to watch your WIP. NANA - I love your birdbath - so cute.

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