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Colorado_AlDecember 14, 2012

OK. So with help of several great forum members we have settled on Sunrise for the windows for our addition. My wife is really interested in a skylight for the bedroom too. If it were just up to me, we would not be getting a skylight. However, I am a proponent of "Happy wife = happy life".
So, what direction can you give on a skylight that will not just be a gaping hole in the roof? We are using scissor trusses for the roof and are looking for a standard size 21"x46". Fixed glass. We have been quoted a:
Velux fixed skylite model FS C06/2004, temp.
over lami glass, 366 low-e, prefinished white
interior, r.o. 21" x 45-3/4", standard EDL
flashing kit.
Any advice is appreciated!

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Velux makes a nice unit, and the happy wife thing is very wise :)... Any more pointed advice that you are looking for?

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Just wondering if there are any other options I should consider. Thanks!

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Solar tubes are pretty effective and cheaper, but some people don't like the appearance.
In terms of alternative brands, Velux pretty much sets the bar in skylights.

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I thought about a solar tube but my wife wants to see out at the sky. Velux it is.

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Windows on Washington


Go curb mounted, with Low-e.

If you have a bunch of sunlight or it is near a bathroom, you might want to consider the vented one or some shades on it.

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Years ago we rented a house for 2 years with a skylight in the master bedroom ceiling. Delightful except during thunderstorms or naps. Thunderstorms were like trying to sleep with a strobe light in our faces-unbearable. I'd ask your wife to consider how many minutes a week/year she'll be awake to look at the sky and how many hours storms or bright light might be an annoyance. Or pay more for some sort of shade.

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