Advice - 911 Sliding Glass Door Install

nleveDecember 28, 2012

I have a company which is installing Windoor brand hurricane impact sliding glass doors. The doors were to be configured xo. Unfortunately the frame came xo but the doors came ox.

The installer wants to flip the doors around and put them in as xo as desired. My concern has to do with the adjustment screws at the bottum of the doors. The adjustment screws are on the outside frame. When they reverse the doors the adjustment screws will be inside which means they cannot raise the door to the proper height with the doors installed.

They want to adjust the doors off the track and place them in. My question is what should I do. Should I require them to replace the doors. What issues may I have with them dropping the doors in versus putting them in and adjusting them.

I'm conerned that they will not be as secure as they should be cause they were not able to raise the door on the frame.

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One other thing is that now the door which opens is on the outside.

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There is more of an issue. The door which opens is now on the outside instead of inside. Please help what are the issues associated with having the sliding door improperly on the outside.

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Bottom line if you need Impact rated product a door not installed 100% by the manufacturers instructions will not be rated nor carry any warranty whatsoever!!! So I say no go with anything you mention as a potential fix.

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Make them do it as ordered, you paid for it as such and it sounds like a clear oops on their part. I'm suprised you're even entertaining the idea of having a non adjustable flipped door..have you tried to open this door in your head? From the inside it would seem horribly awkward to me and possibly a security risk to boot, not even to mention the warranty as someone already did.

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Thanks everyone for your responses. They will replaces the doors with the correct doors.

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Sounds like the best option to me... Some doors are reversible without all of those issues, but clearly this one is not.

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