Where is your work space?

blueiris24November 12, 2009

For those of you not fortunate enough to have your own studio tucked back behind your house (like me for instance!) what do you use as your work space? What have you found is necessary/unnecessary in a work space? What have you found works best for storage? TIA

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I work in my kitchen!
My garage is my storage area, and it is right off the kitchen, so I make a million trips in and out when I am working.
I keep the broken china, glass and small things in 5 gallon buckets with dividers in them and the large plastic peanut butter jars. I use trays to hold the tessy and supplies as I am using them.
When I use the grinder, wetsaw etc., it's outside on the paito.
Now you see why it takes me so long to finish anything!
Oh, I find serving meals at the table TOTALLY unnecessary. LOL!

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Well I have a studio in my house and I use plastic jars for storage along with the plastic deli meat containers (all my friends save them for me. On the containers I glue one to the outside so I know what is in each one. I have to do all my grouting outside so I work all summer and then grout in the winter cause with my breathing problems I can't handle the heat. I like having my studio inside cause its easier for me to get to and I don't have a garage or storage outside.

Donna from Florida

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What do you mean, ''serving meals at the table?'' Is THAT what a table is for? Hahahaha - at this house, everybody has to perch elsewhere and balance their plate on their lap 'cause I have every inch of the dining table covered with mosaic stuff.

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Mostly, Blue, I work at a table in the dining room. I have found I'm having a lot of trouble with my back though, so recently have been standing at the kitchen counter. I hate the mess though, so I'm finding legs to extend my desk size table and will be back in the dining room. The dining room works for me as it's out of the way a little and we don't have to look at my work all the time. One could use a divider to hide the work space, but I like to be part of what's happening in the house.

I keep most of my tesserae in kitty litter bins as they stack well and have good lids. I write on the outside of mine, but someone suggested posting photos of what you have inside. Good idea! Do it on every side though if you hide things inside of anything. You'll be happy you did!

Let us know where you end up!

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I use dining area and a folding table. Have a small apartment so have to be creative with space. I use clear storage containers for tess. i have cabinets, storage bins and have put up shelves.

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We just moved to a "smaller" house. Retirement downsize. I first started on the Lanai (FL) but in July I thought I would die and so did my DH...so he moved me to the guest bedroom. Well, someone came to stay this week and it took me a whole day to move things around so she could sleep in the bed w/o being jabbed by tess...lol. I work on an old folding table with a bookcase behind me half filled with books and half filled with small containers I buy at WM for $1. They have latches on the covers so they stay. I can see thru them, but I also label everything.........well, and truth be known, I have stuff under the bed, in the closet and other places my husband hasn't found yet. I can't help it....I NEEEEEEDDDD all that stuff.

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Well I am one of the lucky ones who have a stu.but it is jamed pack .I keep trying to dwn size but I just can not bare to part with much of it .I no longert work and am on a fixed income sooooooooooo!!!!!!!you see I realy might need it Lal Ha Ha!!!

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For those of you who work in a room in the house... what do you cover the floor with? How is the dust level?

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