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martocarDecember 7, 2009

Dear Oberon,

I live in South Florida and am purchasing 60 windows and doors. I am being told that CGI is the best aluminum impact window and door by my neighbors. Do you have an opinion on this? Anyone else reading this, I value your opinion as well........


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Good morning martocar,

Because I work with several different window and door manufacturers, I do not endorse nor compare specific companies on line.


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OK thanks. Have you heard of this company?

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Good morning Martocar,

I am very familiar with them.

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I guess I will have to look up CGI, I have never heard of them. We live in south Florida ( have lived in Miami for many years)- installed hurricane impact windows on our retirement home in southwest Florida. Most of the dealers in our area appear to use PGT impact windows, the PGI factory is located in Nokomis, Florida ( west coast of Florida just south of Sarasota) so maybe availability has something to do with that. At the time of our impact window installation ( early 2006) there was such a demand for these windows, between post-hurricane rebuilds and the building boom, there was a 6-7 month back order, and our contractor stated problems with PGT impact windows ( ie, layers not sealed properly, bubbles and other imperfections in these windows, wrong hardware on windowframes) and didn't want to use them. We ended up with a company called Silverline for the windows, and Windoor for the sliding glass doors. These had a higher UV, and windstorm rating than the PGT's we would have gotten, and no imperfections we can see. They also look to be installed well. I'm told the installation, which involves bolting the windows into the CBS (or frame, I guess, if it's a frame house) walls next to the window openings, is as important as the windows themselves for protection from windblown missiles in hurricanes.

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Take a look at TRACO's impact products

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We installed CGI impact windows and doors in our home in Miami several years ago and we love them. Excellent quality, no imperfections, wonderful sound barrier, and beautiful.

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hello Guys,

Im seeking for Windows professional advice.

I had a windows company install those windows today, and its driving me crazy.
they put the top sliding and the bottom picture frame. but they dont have the same size, which result as the square on top and bottom doesnt have the same dimension, is this normal or not for you?
thanks for your help

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here another picture

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Windows on Washington Ltd

The frame reveals on the two different windows are different because one has a master frame only and the other has the sash frame and master frame.

That cannot be changed so you are stuck with that aspect of things.

If you are concerned about the grid alignment, several manufacturers can account for the offset and program the grids so they still line up in the two windows but it must be indicated on the order sheet.

It may have been the case that the installer did not indicate this or that the manufacturer cannot accommodate this.

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