offensive smell inside kitchen cabinets

sharyn1989October 2, 2011

We purchased an old bungalow style house with the kitchen being on the ground level meaning it's a walk-in basement which happens to be the kitchen. The kitchen cabinets have a real bad smell inside. My glasses, pots and pans all seem to absorb this odor and I find it to be quite offensive.

I've tried ammonia, bleach, lysol and odor eliminating sprays.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking of possibly painting inside the cabinets.

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Baking soda or charcoal.

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Find the dead mouse. Or fix the water damage that is causing the mold. Whichever is applicable. Don't attempt to bandaid a gushing artery.

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I too would hunt out the source. If it is the paint or coating, then either paint or stripping the inside (a messy job!) might work. But if the cabinets are made of particle board, it could be the board off-gassing, something that would require complete sealing (not even sure this would work).

If that's a no-go, or until you can do it, the odor-absorbers should be put into action, baking soda or charcoal as Brickeyee says. I had a couple of Brita filters on hand that I wasn't using, and you can buy charcoal in other formats. And I don't know if it was included in your survey of odor0eliminating sprays, but something called Nilodor can work wonders.

Finally, when I had an odor problem once someone here suggested Lampe Berger. They are very cool but did not actually solve my problem, which was a persistent smell from a polyurethane finish.

Karin L

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