Andersen Renewal vs Starmark Windows

branlanceDecember 16, 2012

i currently have a secondary home that we are re designing and we need new windows with a stainable wood grain interior. we had both Andersen Renewal come out as well as another company that offers Starmark windows by Okna. both windows were nice and come with stainable interiors. what i did notice was that the Starmark window had much better performance( more energy efficient) numbers than the Andersen Renewal but was much less expensive. the Starmark double pane window had a total Ufactor of .25 whereas the Andersen Renewal was a .30 mahbe a .29 .
both the Starmark and renewal are composites, the Starmark is a solid cellular pvc while the renewal is part vinyl mixed with wood flower ( saw dust) . both windows are maintenence free which means they wont absorb moisture like regular wood windows but give the look of a wood window. both windows also come in solid white as well as the stainable composite wood interior. we want to stain our windows cherry.
the Starmark did look solid and we did like it. it also comes in triple pane glass with a total Ufactor of .19 with Argon and .15 or .16 with krypton. however, we are going for just double pane since its a secondary home. The Renewal didnt come in triple pane but that will not effect our decision. why is the Starmark window less expensive than Renewal? am I missing something here?

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Yes, the Renewal is more expensive due to the high pressure sales tactics and the fact that it is essentially Andersen stepping into the installation business. The window while ok is not worth the money they charge in my opinion. They basically use "used car salesmen / tin man sales techniques and generally do not give up until you either buy from them or you throw them out of your home. No question in my mind if the company offering the Starmark is a proven quality installer you will not go wrong using them.

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Windows on Washington Ltd


Marketing expense, company set up, business approach, banking on namesake, etc.

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Starmark is a cellular compsite as you stated. its a very solid window that comes standard in white but with the option of a stainabale interior which is also composite. you would be hard pressed to find a window more energy efficient than the Starmark. it is going to definitely be more exoensive than a high end vinyl and even more so if you opt for a stainable interior. that said, its still much less of an investment than renewal by andersen.
you mentioned the need to stain your interior with cherry. Okna also offers the 800 series ( EnviroStar) which comes in melrose cherry laminate that is just gorgeous. it is less expensive than the starmark and you dont need to pay someone to stain. it also comes with antique brass or brushed nickel hardware as Starmark does as well and its a real head turner. the 800 is also known to be one of the most energy efficient windows in the industry.
it also blends in very well in older homes with lots of stained moulding whereas lower quality vinyl really cheapens the appearence.

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thanks everyone. just talked to the okna starmark dealer and he is coming by with the okna 800 cherry sample as a sample of starmark again, but this time one that has been stained. i will see him later today and post back tonight if i can.
i forgot to mention Marvin Infinity ( fiberglass )we saw that as well and also liked it but again, it was expensive and didnt match the performance of the Okna Starmark window..

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ok, saw the okna 800 tonight in melose cherry and it was to my surprise, not only a perfect match but its a real nice looking window. the starmark sample he had stained in mahogony and looked impressive. that said, the okna 800 seemed very solid and the laminate is a perfect match. we are going with the okna 800 in cherry with antique brass hardware. thanks everyone, i will post the end results in a few weeks.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Great choice.

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Very good choice....
In regard to the pricing discrepancy, I'd only add that it really can vary from dealer to dealer. RBA and Infinity are both "known" for being on the higher end of the price spectrum, but in some areas they may be a little lower and the Starmark a little higher. That is probably the exception, not the rule, but the ACTUAL cost of all three is pretty close. As you've seen, the Starmark is the superior performer of the three when you compare thermal and structural ratings. The Okna 800 is right there as well, and one of the best choices that you'll find in vinyl.

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the Starmark was cheaper than the Infinity and renewal, not tremendously cheaper but enough. although, we would have chosen Stamark even if it was as high as renewal and infinity.
my wife and i were looking for 4 basic criteria:
1) something that could be stained
2) something that had plenty of structural integrity
3) a window that was maintenence free
4 ) a window that was very energy efficient

the Starmark obviously exceeded this criteria with flying colors. however, so did the okna 800 and since their cherry laminate was a perfect match, we jumped in. the 800 ,although high end vinyl, is certainly not cheap but we feel we made an intelligent buying decision.

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Absolutely right! :)

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Windows on Washington Ltd


That is about as good a summary as you will get right there.

Somebody did their research.

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Did you get the Okna 800 series put in your house? If so, what are your thoughts. I am leaning on going with this same window and need help deciding.

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Yes, we went with the Okna 800. We absolutely love the windows. They look very authentic and it blends in nicely with the rest of our home. Its not cheap looking like many others were and really keep our home much warmer.

Another advantage is the window is built very strong.

I am sure you will be very happy with them, its a smart choice and well worth it.

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