Earthwise - anyone have experience?

Joy314December 29, 2013

Hello, we are building a home and our gc gave us some options as far as windows and one he mentioned was Earthwise. I can't find much about them in regards to reviews. I do know they are a group of businesses that together developed this window brand. Anyone have any experience? We are building in CT, if that helps.
Thanks in advance.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

They build and okay product but nothing remotely premium in comparison to what is out there.

I am guessing that vinyl is the choice you are going with?

There are some really nice vinyl options out there today and building the home from the ground up, I would suggest that you spend a bit more on the window schedule and have a tighter and more efficient home.

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Thank you windowsonwashington. Our contract has us going with Anderson 400 but the gc also mentioned Earthwise. I am guessing you would say go with Anderson, right?

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Why andersen 400? Its basically an average window with very poor/ high air leakage numbers. The earthwise is probably better designed than the andersen.
Do you have an okna, sunrise, or quantum 2 dealer in your area?

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It depends on which Earthwise product. They are a network of around a dozen manufacturers, and there are some that are better than others. I can say that the Innovations product by HomeGuard is a very nice option.

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"Innovations" is a very solid window and the best by far when it comes to Earthwise.

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