adding stain or dye to waterlox finish

kashka_katOctober 7, 2005

instructions say i can add dye or stain to waterlox finish--

i want to darken my unfinished oak table to an antique dark oak color by adding a dye or stain to the 1st one or 2 coats. can anyone recommend a specific product to use??? I am not finding ANYTHING-- theres the premixed stains but it seems to me that if i use something like that diluted w/ water lox finish then its not going to be very dark. also many premixed stains have various other ingredients like polyurethanes or whatever that may interfere w/ putting layers of waterlox on over... so it seems to me i want to get some kind of pure unadulterated dye or tint... but what?

Help! my project is stalled until I can figure this out... its pretty frustrating, i've asked locally and they tell me just get the brand that THEY carry. Um, no, I already have this stuff.....

no response from emailing waterlox site. rockler has dyes but only for water or alcohol base.

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Woodcraft stores have the dyes listed below which can be added to oil based finishes. The link is from the website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Trans Tint dyes from Woodcraft

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I have not added stain or dye to Waterlox. I have used milk paint, mixed to a thinner consistency, as a "stain" under an oil finish. It did not impair the oil from absorbing and left a nice even finish on the wood. I did use Waterlox as a finish on my worst floor this summer and am thrilled with the result. The Waterlox will intensify the color of the oak and cause it to appear darker.

The people at our local Woodcraft are very helpful and informed about what they sell. It's worth a trip if there is one near to you.

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You need pigment not dye. Look for UTC universal tinting colorant. Just a little dab'll do ya.

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Does anyone know if you can apply Waterlox over shellac? I love the depth and the ambering that shellac gives, but it needs to be waterproof and slip-resistant as we are finishing (4) oak stairs inside the entrance to our house that lead up to our kitchen and the stairs need to hold up to wet feet, etc. Thanks.

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