extruded aluminum clad vs vinyl clad windows! ?

tinker_2006December 5, 2010

Still confused as which is the best way to go... we are in SW Florida, and building new.

We are looking at Jeld-Wen, custom wood line (their most $$) that are extruded aluminum clad vs, Andersen 400 Woodwright series, which I understand are extruded vinyl. I hear so many good comments on Andersen, but we have had vinyl windows in the past that chalk and fade, and just look cheap.

thoughts & opinions?

P.S. (Marvin dealers are not in our area)

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If those were my only 2 choices it would be Andersen hands down. as I think nothing of Jeld-wen. I would certainly look for others namely Kolbe if Mavin is not around.

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There are so many different posts /complaints about BOTH companies, why do you feel Andersen is superior. I would think vinyl would be much less desirable..? We do have Eagle brand here, heard some good things about them too.

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Check on this but I believe Jeld Wen custom (the old Pozzi) is not extruded aluminum but is roll formed (on sash). I agree with the other posts, there are better. Broaden your horizons and look at other brands as well.

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Personally even though Andersen owns Eagle I would use the 400 series before Eagle. But I also would probably use the 400 series as a last resort.

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Guess it pays to read the fine print. I thought for sure that Jeld-Wen was extruded aluminum, the mullens are - but the sashes are rolled.

People keep saying there are better choices, but can someone explain why one would be a better choice?

Millworkman, I read so many saying go with Andersen 400, WHY would it be your last choice and what are your favorite brands?

Eastbay, what and why are other brands appealing to you vs. Jen-Weld?

How is Pella?

Is aluminum BETTER than vinyl clad (and particularly in Florida)?

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I don't care that much for Andersen, just they way they are manufactured. The frames and sash seem thin and the double hungs are not architecturally correct, I have sold probably several thousand some years back but they were never my favorite. I would hunt for a Marvin or Kolbe dealer if it were me and I would not touch Pella with a 100' pole,

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tinker, like millworkman says, check out Marvin. Why are they better? ONE look at them in person and you will see. Marvin uses thicker, stronger extruded aluminum frames with one of the highest finish ratings in the industry, thicker wood profiles interior (looks better) and their hardware is buttery smooth and strong. They will cost slightly more then the anderson WR, but possibly not that much more. If you are going to build a nice home, stay away from big box brands.

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Woodwright is neither aluminum clad or vinyl.

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Andersen Woodwrights are made of Fibrex......

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So why the "no love" for Eagle? The extrusion thickness is the same as Marvin, the finish coating on both is Kynar, and neither one uses "aluminum frames" as was suggested.
Personally, the only thing I really find substantially better about Marvin over Eagle is the weather strip design.

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