I have the tiles now need the knowledge

huggybear_2008November 12, 2008

Hi everyone, I have two good size boxes of tiles that was left over from when they built a new department store, they are different shades of blue.. the lady I got them from did a table top and she gave me her mag. page that she used as a pattern.. each tile is approx 1" square. I will put a pic of the table top she did and it is really pretty and I tried to recreate it.. but when ever i would try and cut the tiles to make them smaller they would just snap in to small pieces.. what am I doing wrong.. they are new nippers, but I must be doing it wrong..

any help would be good..



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We need to know what kind of nippers you are using, do they look like pliers or are they wheeled nippers? Wheeled nippers have two little wheels and they are what you need. The best brand is Lepponits.

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Welcome! What a nice score that sounds like and the table pattern is really pretty. Are they cermaic or glass tiles? If they are just shattering I suspect they are glass and you are using tile nippers instead of the wheeled Lepponits that need to be used for glass tiles. When I first started I went to the library and checked out every book they had about mosaics. A tabletop is a brave first project....you might try something smaller just to get the feel of what mosaicing is all about. Good luck and Have fun!

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Huggy, there are all sorts of instructions on line too, even filmed pieces. Just explore. Here's one to start:


Good luck! And have fun!

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I do have the nippers that look like pliers.. I got them at Lowes.. and the lady who I got the tiles from said that is what she used.. and oh my she did a wonderful job on her table top and it really looked just like the photo I showed you all..the tiles look like they are cermaic , but I could be wrong.. they look just like the ones in the photo almost the same color and all.. one sheet of the tiles are several different shades of blues.. I will post a pic of the tiles and you guys tell me what you think in the mean time I will stop at Lowes and ask them what kind I should use too. This is going to be my winter project this so I am in no big hurry.. but I do think I will try something smaller to start.. My son got the idea that since I have so many sheets of tile.. we could tile the wall behind the stove.. but I would not want to use the blue for that. I would like to use some kind of browns and beiges. with some tiles with designs on them.. I surely thank you all for all your help and now I have some places to go and look and learn..

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It's a great idea to start with a smaller project. You will have more questions than you think, and will learn a lot. It'll make your table that much better! You might ask the gal at Lowes a lot of questions. Most mosaicers are happy to answer them, and you make new friends! Good luck!

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Oh! I finally found those films! They're a great start, though I'm not sure they're in order.


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Try using the nippers with only the first 1/4 inch(of the edge of the nippers) on the edge of the tile(1/4inch also) and and see if that changes things.

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