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rjingaOctober 11, 2009

I posted this on the decorating forum, but then realized you guys would be my best bet for more technical assistance :)

Here are the pictures of an armoire I just bought. I'm really hoping that I can fix this somehow I figured for $20 it would be worth a shot. I plan to put shelves inside and use it for extra linen/towel storage.

I didn't realize it when I got it, but discovered afterwards that it may be cedar, it's definitely got a strong cedar aroma inside.

I dont know if you can see this or not, but it also appears to have a crackely finish? What is the best way to give this chest a re-do, facelift?

Also, I do NOT have the piece that has broken off, the lady didn't have any idea what happened to it.

thanks for any tips/suggestions

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That is cedar. The broken area can be repaired, any cabinet shop can do that fairly inexpensively. A fairly experienced woodworker may also be able to do the repair.

The finish is probably either varnish, shellac, or lacquer. To find out, wet a rag with denatured alcohoil and rub an area. If the finish dissolves, it is shellac. You can sand the rough smooth and recoat with shellac to repair the cracks.

Then try the same thing with lacquer thinner. Dissolving indicates lacquer. Same thing---sand and recoat with lacquer.

If neither work, the finish may be varnish. That has to be either sanded off, or stripped.

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