Need Replacement Thermal Windows.

susanlynn2012December 1, 2012

My windows are over 21 years old and are single pane windows (I bought the townhouse when it was around 7 years old)and I can not live anymore with the draft coming form the windows as the frame is also settling and it is cold. I want to replace the downstairs windows and was wondering on suggestions. Is it worth putting in triple pane windows? Which companies offer quality at reasonable price since all these ads are confusing.
Thank you.

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What part of the USA do you live in? Do the downstairs windows need to look like the upstairs windows?

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Hi highport, I live in North New Jersey. Really all the windows in this townhouse are single pane and freezing and now that the windows are settling, they are so cold. The windows are tall and wide with normal ceiling height in my home office room which is the living room when you enter my home. Upstairs has three bedrooms all with two windows each that are so cold also. The downstairs family room has a cathedral ceiling and windows from the floor to the ceiling so that room is so cold. I thought I would start with one room at a time but I guess you are right that the windows need to all look the same. Each window has 15 of those square things in side it that is like checkered inside the window. Maybe I can find a picture of what my windows look like downstairs. Since the window is made up of two parts with the top part 9 checkers and the bottom part 6 checkered with that grayish white panel on the window that makes it look checkered. It is so cold today and drafty.

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The windows are approximately 36" wide and 70" tall in my home office and there are three of them. I can't seem to find a picture but I am looking.

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Here is a link to Home Depot windows that look like mine but mine has 9 grid squares on top so the top is longer than the bottom part where the window locks that only has 6 grid squares. My friend says mine are double pane and not single pane but they are leaking on the sides and still freezing. If you stand in front of the window or touch it, you can feel the cold air. It is warmer in the room when I close the double honeycomb blinds but I have to keep one a little bit open so my little dogs can see out. I hate sitting in the dark. But it is still cold as the windows in the other room have the sheer horizontal blinds on them when I should have went for warmth and not beauty and put honeycomb blinds on them also. I also have a sliding door in the kitchen with PVC blinds that do not keep the cold out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Home Depot Windows that look like mine

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first you need to look at a high quality vinyl window. cutting corners by choosing a window just because its cheap will cost alotnin the long run.

some high quality windows most pro's always seem recommend are the following:
Okna , Soft lite, Sunrise, StarMark

lower quality windows mist most warn to stay away from:
MI Windows, Siverline, pella vinyl, Alside.

Triple pane is always a good option. a good triple pane window with Argon will usually have a Ufactor lower than .22 .

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home depot are always suspect.. they also use subs as installers and there are plenty of complaints.

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mmarsel, thank you so much. I am finally willing to pay for quality triple pane windows for my home office as clients that sit in front of the window (even with the double honeycomb blinds) complain about the draft and how cold they are. I keep the temperature at 73 degrees in my home but my feet are cold as the windows are low to the ground and the air is escaping on the sides no matter how well I try to seal them. Also just standing in front of one of the windows has cold air come through the cheap glass. These are builder grade windows that are over 21 years old. I think I would like to do this room first and then do the rest of the downstairs. Then invest in the upstairs. I had no idea how much windows cost. I could keep the room at 70 degrees if the windows were better insulated.

Also what stores or companies do I call to install the better grade triple pane windows?

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What is the difference between vinyl versus fiberglass windows?

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I would look at the brands I mentioned and google a dealer in the state or call the company directly ask for a dealer. Higher end brands are not in stores.
The only fiber glass I like is Marvin Infiniti or Inline.
As far as price and performance you just can't beat high quality vinyl.

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Thank you so much mmarsel! I will do just that as I really need new energy efficient windows badly and I want quality. I will try both Googling and calling the company of the better brands you listed.

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just noticed your windows are on the larger size, over 101 united inches as well as oriel style grids. that in itself will be an extra cost but thats with any manufacturer. just dont be shocked by any pricing.
i commend you for taking time to do research to ensure you will be getting quality. most homeowners make the mistake of using cost as their first and foremost buying criteria.

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mmarsel, Thank you for letting me know to expect sticker shock. I just know I have to do something since better insulated windows will lower my heating costs in the winter time and lower my air condition costs in the summer time as well as making me more comfortable in my home.

I will shop around and now that I learned how all windows are not created equally (I went on each site of the manufacturer's you mentioned and learned about what makes their windows better), I will be educated to get what I need at a price that it is not overcharging me. I found a local place that sells and installs two of the top windows you mentioned. I will call them early this week to come over to do an estimate.

I guess it is so cold in here also since the windows are large and not sealed good. My bedroom is the same and I have to bundle up at night to get warm under the covers due to the draft from the balcony door and two windows.

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my pleasure.. many homeowners dont realize there is an upcharge for larger windows and certain grid patters such as yours.
They also dont realize that a TWIN double hung is considered 2 windows even though its one opening. same with a triple window where 3 double hungs are mulled together as one; its still 3 windows.

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mmarsel, my windows right now are single hung as I can't open the top & that is fine with me as long as I can open the bottom for fresh air. I have to keep the same look since I live in a townhouse so I will have to keep the same grid pattern. I had no idea with was a colonial pattern and cost more until I looked up patterns on windows. But I need to have better sealed windows to save energy and keep warm. I do want triple pane IF the the style will be the same as the windows I have now and finally I am willing to pay a little more for energy efficiency as I am tired of being cold. Thank you for all your advice. It looks like I have emails now from local places that sell the top few windows you mentioned.

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Just so you know, a double hung looks no different from a single
Hung and I am certain you can get double hungs opposed to single hungs at your townhome

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mmarsel, thank you for letting me know. I had no idea they looked the same from the outside. I have so many email inquiries and phone inquiries today that I will follow-up in the next few days as today I was so busy.

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Good luck.. Call those companies so you get your windows before Christmas .. Lol

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Thank you mmarsel. I would like to have new windows before it gets even colder. I will call tomorrow.

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mmarsel has been on point! ... although I at this point, you'd be very lucky to get windows in before Xmas from anybody.

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as you shop look for nfrc sticker that tells you
performance of windows.
if no nfrc next brand.
nfrc is independent company that tests
& verifies performance of windows.

solar heat gain coefficients (shgc) & ufactor
numbers are included on this sticker. visible light
info also.

for best performance shgc & ufactors should
be less than .30 for double paned windows.

here is the link to the label/sticker:

best of luck.

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