Rough or Smooth Wood For Shed?

dee_can1October 16, 2007

IÂm in the process of having a wooden shed built. I have to decide between rough wood and smooth wood finish for the exterior. I said I wanted rough, but IÂm having second thoughts. My yard is quite shady, and IÂm worried about moisture/mold. Would I be better off getting a smooth finish? I have to decide now; so any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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what kind of wood is it? do you plan on painting or staining it? If paint- smooth, if stain, rough is fine if you want the look. I hope that they are using a rot resistant wood, like cedar- especially if you are leaving it natural. If you stain it, I would not worry about the mold/mildew issue.

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Hi goaliedad,

Thanks very much for your reply. I had checked a couple of times after I posted, but no one answered... and to be honest, I forgot about it after that.

Today was the day the shed went up. I opted for the rough wood after reading that itÂs better for absorbing stain. It is pine, and cut by the builder; so since it isnÂt rot resistant, I will be staining it, probably next year now. Would an oil-base stain be best? (The floor is rot-resistant wood, though.) Thanks again.

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