Question for Cabinet makers please - drawer glides

southernstitcherOctober 26, 2009

I am pleased with everything about my new custom cabinets except the soft close glides on my deep 30" pot drawers. I shove them and they stop where the soft close kicks in but they don't go any further and close completely. These glides are ball bearing, Top Slide International brand. I know, I should have insisted on Blum, but I totally forgot with everything else going on.

The cabinetmaker admits he's never used this hardware on such large drawers and thinks that it could be that the glides are just not going to work as well on such large drawers.

I'd like some input as to weather this might be true. If so, I'm wondering if I can replace these glides with Blum glides that ARE made for large deep drawers and maybe they would work better. Or should I just forget soft close on these altogether? If they aren't going to work well then I just as soon not have to go through the tugging to get them open, and replace them with regular slides.

The small drawers work great, btw.

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I would simply go back to your cabinetmaker and tell him to fix the problem. No doubt he knew that large pots would be placed in the drawer and since the drawers don't close correctly, should he not come up with a fix for the problem?

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I believe the draw is just too heavy for these glides and the intstructions should specify the weight they can hold, the traditional euro ball bearing glides hold 50 to 100lbs each two will be good set to the midway of the side or for two on each side will garantee over 5 to 10 years of service.

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That is a great idea to place two glides instead of one. The cabinet maker is going to call the manufacturer today and see what's up. He's concerned and wants to fix it.

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