fuhr pigmented coating for kitchen cabinets?

melissastarOctober 29, 2010

Looking for a second opinion here. My cabinet maker wants to use Fuhr pigmented coating to paint my new kitchen cabinets rather than the Benjamin Moore satin impervo I had anticipated. He says it's a harder, more durable finish which is top of the line.

Can anyone tell me about this finish? Offer an educated opinion if this is a good move or not?

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Given the two choices you mentioned, I would go with the Fuhr pigmented kitchen cabinet finish he recommended. I don't use it personally, but I hear it's a good quality product and I would not hesitate trying it if waterbourne is the way he is going.

I normally use solvent based catylized finishes for kitchen applications, so my experience in waterbourne is limited.

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Paints designed to be brushed on, so that they can be applied without special equipment and easily used inside living spaces by non-professionals, tend to involve some inherent compromises. They don't flow out as smoothly, they take longer to dry, and they're softer even when cured.

Your cabinet maker is absolutely right that the Fuhr product will be harder and more durable. Whether it's more 'top of the line' is a subjective call. Also, sprayed on finishes are much cheaper in terms of labor (though the coating itself is much more expensive) because they're applied more quickly and dry much faster.

Unless you are trying to mimic the look of old, brush-painted furniture, I'd definitely go with a sprayed, professional-type finish like the Fuhr.

Incidentally, I used a Fuhr waterborne clear acrylic when I built my own cabinets a few years ago. The only trouble I've had is with the bottoms of a couple of drawers where some cleaning chemicals spilled/leaked and had weeks to damage the finish before I noticed anything amiss. Those two drawer bottoms look like hell, but I think that few finishes of any sort could have withstood that abuse. The rest of the kitchen has held up well. Since then my local finish supplier has stopped carrying Fuhr products because of some sort of distribution issues he was having (I'm a long way from Texas, where Fuhr is headquartered). He switched to Target waterborne coatings, which have an excellent reputation. I've used their clear urethane and pigmented lacquer, and been very happy.

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Have your cabinet guy give you a large sample of the finish he is going to use and ask him to show you a job site where he used it.
What color are your cabinets going to be?

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