WIP fish

daisymeNovember 1, 2008

Here's what I'm working on. I broke up two ceramic Peruvian pigeons and am attempting a 3-D mosaic. The problem is having the sinking feeling that I won't have enough tess. Those birds sure LOOKED big enough.

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Wow! Hope you have enough. So cool the way the colors are placed - and wings used for the fins. Can't wait to see them finished.

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This is really a wonderful work! Your shards are awesome and you've placed them perfectly! Wish I had some tips for making it be enough for the other side....find more peruvian pigeons? Easier said than done, huh? I hope you don't have to rework it cuz what you have is fantastic!

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Cool. Make sure you post the finish

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WOW!!! That is REALLY cool!! Great colors!!!! Oh I hope you have enough!!!

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but really, if you don't have enough, a fish could be finished with the sanded grout on the underbelly, without anything but the grout....
like the scales are different on part of the fish...it would still be level, as the grout goes on around the glass pieces.

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Thanks again, friends. I looked at this for an hour last night and it's really dicey.

Sea: Thanks for another great idea for maybe pulling this one through. Others have suggested prying off the upper fins to reuse elsewhere and then redoing them in red as the lower fins will be, spacing wider for grout, and using white or discarded small shards for the underneath.

We'll see! You'll sure all hear the end of this...a simple relieved "phew!" or a long prolonged "ARRGGHH!!!!"

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Thats going to be one beautiful fish!

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I like DAISY's idea of red fins. That'll give you more pieces. It could also be done in any colors that w/blend w/these, even the top fins, even though I REALLY like the red. BEAUTIFYL, and fishy looking, especially the eye and mouth.

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I'm liking this alot.
I'm sure the problem with become a creative blessing!

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