What are these outlets on my ceiling for?

mixman1May 30, 2010

In my new house, I have electrical outlets on the ceiling in the game room, and also the media room. They are both switched from the same place as the room lights.(different switch, same location) The outlets are not in the center of the room, all the way to one end and a little off center.

What could these be intended for?

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Just about anything.

I redid a house that was originally a carpet factory. There were outlets in the ceiling because that was the original lighting: fluorescent "shop lights" on chains plugged into the ceiling outlets.

In two adjacent rooms we chose NOT to tear the ceilings apart, but to reuse the wiring that was up there (20-foot ceilings. I'm all set). I took the runs from the original ceiling outlets, tied them to a seperate switch, and plugged night lights into them. Nice dim glow through the whole place at night.

Also did a VERY-custom room, same house, had ceiling outlets for strobe lights and blacklights.

Some sort of plug-in accent lighting...

all kinds of ideas.

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Most likely they had some sort of plug in light, like a beer sign over a pool table.

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This is a brand new house. Custom home that the original buyer defaulted on before completion. I was just curious what these outlets may have been intended for. Definitely not the type of home for a beer sign outlet (although thats a good idea....the wife may not like it.) And the location of the outlet is all the way against the entry wall certered left to right. I can't imagine a light that would work in that location.

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Home theater projector? Hanging flat screen?

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My first thoughts were a screen or projector, but the location doesn't make sense. The "game room" is really 3 rooms separated by a large archway on both ends of the middle room. The outlets in question are in both of the end rooms. The middle room has the theater wiring.
Also, in each of these rooms, there are recessed lights with a dedicated switch, a ceiling fan location in the center with a dedicated switch, and this mystery outlet with a dedicated switch. There is so much lighting already available in each room, that I have a hard time believing the intention was for another light source.....I am baffled.

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I think it is pointless to try and figure out what THEY intended these receptacles for. You should figure out what YOU can use them for.

Take this as an opportunity to do something cool.

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I agree, but the curiosity of what these were for got the best of me.

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Movie screen? The kind that retracks?

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I know that while a projection screen that retracts seems like it might be an obvious thought, how is it going to retract with the power shut off? Screens use a low voltage 12 volt trigger signal, available via a std. 1/8 inch mini jack on the back of the projector to lower or raise the the screen which has a constant 120vac supplied.

I know this still doesn't answer the OP's question but then maybe it was just for "mood lighting"...

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Maybe for holiday decorations or auxillary Christmas trees?

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Possibly for track lighting.

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Plug-in track lighting? Doesn't sound likely.

Intriguing. I assumed projector, too, although if there was no a/v connection, not likely I guess.

Maybe the place was going to be a grow-op?

I also wonder if the electricians messed-up and this was their way of making a legal splice, or maybe the outlets were intended to be in-floor outlets for the floor above?

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Disco balls or smoke generators?

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Could this have been an area where the homeowner was planning on putting cabinetry? Over and undercabinet
lighting can be run this way... I am installing 3 ceiling
mounted outlets in my kitchen above the cabinets for the
over/under cab lighting controlled by 1 switch.


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ionized hit on the general type of application we installed them for :)

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plug -in clock? Accent lighting for artwork?

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i dont think they would be for a plug-in clock because the outlets are switched. maybe for some type of accent lighting like Schreibdave said though

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We are in the same boat - -bought a foreclosure and the house was not finished yet - - We just discovered a plug box in the bathroom about a foot from the lighting wire - just happened to look up :). The box is one of the kind that is added later - after sheetrock. We know it is not for an exhaust fan one is already installed. Sorry to hijack - - but maybe someone can shed some light??

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