Affordable Simulated Divided Lite (SDL) Options?

sdlshopperDecember 5, 2010

I am looking for a replacement window with an "affordable" option for simulated divided lite (SDL). I added a new garage in 2004 and installed 4 Windsor Legend Cellular PVC windows with SDL to match windows on existing structure. Now I want to replace the remaining 12 windows on existing structure. It is extremely important to me to retain the architectural integrity of the home. Therefore, I am somewhat locked into matching the 4 Windsor SDL that I put on the new garage - short of finding a new window that is cost effective to replace all 16 windows vs. replacing only the 12 on existing structure. I have priced going with grills between-the-glass (GBG) on all 16 windows as a less expensive option, but I prefer the traditional look of SDL on the house.

I have considered ordering 12 more Windsors to get a good match with the garage. However, the Windors are more expensive than some other options and are no longer sold in my area. I am hesitant to pay the addtional shipping for the Windors and prefer to deal with a local vendor/contractor who will both sell and install the Window.

The 3 options I am considering are the Monarch M-Cell Composite, Ply Gem 400 Series cellular PVC (both paintable PVC and good match with Windsor), and the Paradigm Tapestry which range from $8k to $10k including install. I considered Anderson, Pella, Marvin, & Sunrise but all considerably more expensive. (I liked the Sunrise window but they want $227 per window additional for SDL for my 9 over 9 colonial. Further, Sunrise does a "pocket" install and wraps the existing brick mould and that would not match the existing Windors on the new garage).

Please advise on your recommendation between Monarch M-Cell, Ply Gem 400 Series, and Paradigm Tapestry with Simulated Divided Lite options. Please advise if there are any windows I should consider in this price range.

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I don't know anything about any of those windows, but I have seen ads for grids that you apply yourself over a plain single-pane window. IIRC, they were fairly cheap. If they would give you the same look, that might make it possible for you to buy more expensive windows.

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