Stain coming off a section of door?

yazz100October 5, 2010

Hi I recently had my interior room doors refinished. I noticed on the bathroom door the stain (and finish) is coming off only on one section. Can this be fixed without having to redo the entire door? The section is small about 1" x 3".

Minwax wood finish stain was used.

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Sorry I forgot to add that 1 week after the Minwax wood finish was used we did 1 coat of Minwax fast drying Polyurethane:)

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How is the stain coming off? Stain is supposed to penetrate into the wood. The only way a stain could peel off is iuf it were applied over a finish.

The danaged area will need to be sanded to remove any finish. Since poly si almost impossible to repair, the entire door should be sanded to wood. The sanding will remove some of the stain color, so that will need to be retouched.

One coat of poly is not nearly enough to give long term protection. 3 coats is the minimum recomendation.

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Thank you for your response. The stain came off in one spot when I was cleaning the door with a damp rag. The person that did it, did apply it over a finish. By the time I saw what he was doing it was already too late. But the rest of the door and the other doors are fine. It's just this one spot.
I'm afraid if I sand down the entire door and redo it that it won't match the other doors. There are 4 and they are all in my foyer. Could I sand down the spot and apply the stain, try to patch the poly and put another 2 coats? Would the patched area blend in then? I am furious with this contractor...and he came highly recommended :(

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Have you contacted your contractor and asked him to fix it?

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I thought about contacting him, but to be honest his work was poor and sloppy. Since my doors were done I've had the floors refinished and the walls painted. I feel it best I try to fix it....i don't want to chance him ruining my paint job or floors - (in the bedroom when he applied the stain he got little speckles of stain on the wall, I took it because I knew I was painting them at a later time.)
a friend recommended him - some friend huh!

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I mentioned poly cannot be spot repaired because it dries into a plastic like finish. The only way to fix it right will be to sand off all the finish, restain, and refinish.

You will need to use the same stain used by the contractor. You can use a rag to apply the stain, instead of brushing it on and wiping it off. You can control the color much better that way. And, of course, use the same poly.

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