Entrance Door to Jam Gap

ellsashaOctober 14, 2012

I have just had a custom mahogany entrance door installed. The gap between the jam and door on the locking side (inside) is 5/16 of an inch, and despite metal weather stripping I can still see light from the outside coming through in places. Can anyone advise what the optimum gap size for this kind of door is? Would it be better for me to change the weather stripping to a softer perhaps, more expandable material, and if so, can anyone suggest what type I should use. Many thanks.

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I've always used a 1/8" gap. I believe that's standard, or close to it.
What is the gap on the hinge side? If it's at or near nothing, the hinges can be shimmed until both sides are the same. The installer should be the one to make this good.

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There is barely any gap on the hinge side, so, your suggestion of having the installer shimmy the hinges is very helpful. They have to come back, in any event as the door is not flush at the bottom (lock side) with the jam. This entire door replacement has been such a struggle. I really appreciate your input.

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Call the installer back and have him fix the problem.

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The installer returned today and adjusted the hinges which decreased the gap on the locking side to just over 1/8 inch. Have to say the company was very responsive. Thank you both for the suggestions.

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