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Annie DeighnaughDecember 3, 2013

We put Bonneville windows in our home...what a mistake as they have since gone bankrupt. The seals on one window I have have failed and now I'm getting fogging inside the glass depending on the weather. The windows have the interior dividers as well as the applied dividers on the outside.

Can we find someone who can repair it? I hate trying to replace it with another brand as it's unlikely to match, let alone all the work that entails.

Any suggestions most appreciated!

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Allegedly there are companies that will repair "seal failures" however in my opinion it will only be temporary fix at best but it may be worth it in your case to at least try because as you know already you cannot get a new sash from Bonneville! Check with a few local glaziers as they may know someone who does it or google "repair seal failures in insulated glass".

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Annie Deighnaugh

Thanks, millworkman...will do.

So frustrating. Architect wanted us to go with Eagle but we thought we could save a few bucks with Bonneville...and they had been around since 1946 so it wasn't like they were fly by night. Neighbors also ordered from them and their windows were on the truck when they went belly up. They had to pay the trucking co. directly just to get them delivered!

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Sorry to hear of this Annie.

Try to find a good local glass shop as Grump Cat's press secretary (Millworkman) said and hopefully the issue isn't super regular.

Good luck and keep us posted.

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