update: knowing my limits in diy decorating

CLBlakeyAugust 4, 2012

I am finally finished the process took longer than I anticipated with holidays and getting the flu but it is finally done. Just so everyone knows I am super cheap and if there is no deal there is no purchase. All the paint in my home is hand mixed mistints that I buy at 4$ per gallon except for white I have to pay full price for that. So here goes the before pic for those who don't remember or haven't seen yet

the limit was I had to hire someone to do the crown molding on top of the cabinets. Here is the after

The cabinets were plain cheap builder grade to start with then I added bead board wallpaper to the center. Then 4 coats of white paint. The counters were laminate over plywood (too soft for that use) so though it was only 8 yrs old it had cracks in it where stuff had fallen on it. Rustoleum Stoneffects with the counter top coating solved that. 2 parts galaxy one part silver beach. The new faucet is a delta from home depot (sorry don't remember the name)The valance is temporary as I had the fabric in the house already so threw something up for the after pics. Oh I forgot we changed out the knobs for handles again home depot multi pack $27 for 10 handles. Thanks to everyone for the encouragement to hire someone it was hard not only because I am cheap but I like to do things myself too. It was so worth it he did a fantastic job you would have laughed if you had seen what we had first put up.(I was too embarrassed for pics)--- for the rest of the pics click on one of the pictures and it should send you to photobucket.

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Absolutely wonderful, you should be beaming!!

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Fabulous! I was thinking of trying the rustoleum-was it difficult to apply?

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Gorgeous transformation!! :)

Fresh and elegant!

Really really Well Done!! :)

((clapping and cheering!))

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That is awesome.

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Love it, especially the birds in the upper corner!

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Bravo! I just love it when a DIY project turns out as well as yours. Congratulations! Your hard work and thoughtful choices created a successful makeover.

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wow! it looks gorgeous! what an amazing difference

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Thanks everyone I am so happy with the outcome.

cyn427 - rustoleum was a long process not really hard but lots of wait and dry time. 3 days for each top coat. Everything else was pretty easy even the rocks not as hard as I thought. If you do try it be sure to remove sink etc I have seen it done without removal and it is just plain tacky.

Sandy 1963- The birds are my favorite part up there it is still in progress not really happy with the rest yet.

Total cost under $800

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Beautiful! Great job!

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Wow that is some update! Great job!

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Annie Deighnaugh

Wow! Well done...looks far more expensive than the cost!

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Whoa!! Nice job! (And for that price?!)

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