After Grout Messy-ness

gardencroneNovember 16, 2009

Ok, well, maybe I will be redundant here, but I have a piece I finished. I cleaned the glass with a toothbrush after the grout had hardened mostly. When I look at the glass pieces from an angle, I realize there is a lot of stuff on each piece. Is this when I am supposed to wipe it down with vinegar? Do you use a q-tip on small pieces? Will that soften up the grout if I have not sealed it. Sorry to be such a dunderhead. What have I missed? :) Thanks mosaic queens!

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I find that the vinegar realy helps in clean up. It dose soften grout up and is very helpful.

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Thank you nana! I am going to try it, just worried about ruining the grout. :) I appreciate your suggestion.

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Good advice.

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