Vinyl Cedar Siding

rosemarynjDecember 1, 2013

We contracted qbout a month ago to have the front of our house done in Portsmouth Cedar Shake Staggered Greystone siding. We put in contract a month ago and contractor still has not been able to get the siding. We are disappointed as wanted it done before real winter sets in. I did see that Foundry also makes this same type of siding in Greystone color. Does anyone know how Foundry compares with Portsmouth? Not even sure if contractor can get Foundry any quicker, but looking for advice.

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I definitey prefer portsmouth. Why hasnt your contractor started your job afer a month? Im a bit confused. I just did a portsmouth job and was done within 3 weeks of signing the contract. Sounds to me like your contractor doesnt know what the heck he is doing. Try calling crane and asking them for a dealer. Your contractor sounds like a typical local ,cheap contractor who does this for beer money. Crane make portsmouth.

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Can I ask you how much your shake siding costs? I'm trying to find a reasonably priced shake siding that is less than certainteed cedar impressions.

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Pricing varies based on the scope of the job. A siding expert really needs to be at your house for any sort of estimate.

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