GFCI for Broan 744 Light/Fan

tech0010May 3, 2011

I am replacing the can light over my shower with a Broan 744 can light / fan. The specs say it should be GFCI protected for wet installations. I will be replacing the current switch with a woods timer.

I am looking at my options to deal with the GFCI requirement.

1. Install a GFCI breaker on the lighting circuit for this part of the house.

2. Install a dead head GFCI in the closet next to the shower and feed the existing switch from this.

3. Install a box and a dead head GFCI in the attic next to the can.

So option 1 would be the easiest, but I have heard that CFL's can trip GFCI breakers and all of the lights besides the shower on this circuit are CFL. Does anyone have any experince with CFL's and GFCI breakers?

Option 3 would be the next option, although I'm not sure about installing a GFCI in an unfinished attic. It would seem to defeat the spirit of the device since it would never be tested. Would this pass inspection?

Option 2 should work, it's just the most work.

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Option 1 or 2. You don't want to have to crawl into an unfinished attic to reset a GFCI.
Never heard of any issues with CFLs and GFCI breakers.

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I ended up using a gfci breaker after making sure the neutral reaches. No issues with the cfls.

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