Refinishing my farmhouse pine table

andreanewenglandOctober 25, 2011

I had a lovely pine farmhouse table custom made 7/8 years ago. The top was brown, though I thought it wasn't stained. The maker told me to just apply some boiled linseed oil a couple of times a year. It was looking so gross, around the edges were very dark and gummy which I think was all the oil buildup.

I opened a big can of worms by starting to sand it, never thinking of using any stripper which maybe I should've. Now it's sanded down to raw pine. I want it to be a brown color (cabinets are walnut), but it wasn't ever poly'd and I want to know if i can get away without polying it. Can I stain and then use beeswax? If I just wax it, will it darken? Thank you!

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Yes, you can stain---pine does not stain evenly, however. You will get blotches and all kinds of differences in the color. I happen to like that characteristic for the 'antique' step stools I make.

You can even buy colored waxes that will help darken it.

Be aware that wax and BLO(boiled linseed oil) will give almost no protection for water rings/hot items/etc.

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My carpenter told me to pre-condition it so that it will stain evenly. But can I avoid poly on top of that? Will wax or something else protect an everyday table enough?
Maybe I could use the stuff (Waterlox?) he used on my walnut countertop?

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What is it that you call "poly"?

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Any kind of polyurethane.

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