Alcan Glazing Bead

mochsterDecember 8, 2006

Our home which was built in 1989 has about sixty-five Alcan Windows . We live in Florida and after seventeen years of the Florida Sun the glazing bead is becoming brittle. We contacted a local window repair shop and they informed us that the only option for an Alcan Window is to replace the plastic glazing bead with same. We are curious if there is an option to replace the existing plastic glazing bead material with with a more durable, pliable rubber or like synthetic material. We are seeking confirmation from an expert to validate.

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Your best bet is to stick with the recommended replacement parts. Altering the glazing system could lead to far worse problems.

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Please let me know where you were able to locate this glaze becasue I have the same problem and they want to replace all the windows. Thanks

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I also live in Florida and have many Alcan windows where the bead is brittle or cracked. has Anyone found a supplier for the bead that can sell/install it?
Tampa area.

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I know it's a long time since your post but my house was built about the same time, and I've just replaced by weathered stripping.

The "Window Doctor" stocks the newer stripping which is really easy to replace, and they are aware of the easiest way to replace DYI.

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