Nashville floods - time to begin repair, have ??

loves2cook4sixMay 10, 2010

Our condo in Nashville was submerged in water 4 feet deep for two days. It is now dry and the drywall has been removed to a height of 5 feet.

We had an electrician over to ask him some questions and it is his opinion that all the wiring and receptacles appear to be working fine but that they need to be replaced due to "water submersion"

His invoice totals $3190 and includes

Remove & Replace 2 outdoor GFI receptacles

Remove & Replace 4 interior GFI receptacles

Remove & Replace 33 interior receptacles

Remove & Replace 15 interior switches

Remove & Replace 1 Range receptacle

Remove & Replace 1 Dryer receptacle

Remove and Replace all electrical wire that has been exposed to flood water

Remove and replace existing switch covers to match new

State Electrical permit and Inspections included

We have two questions...

1. Does the wiring NEED to be replaced?

2. If it does, is the cost quoted reasonable?

3 (I guess I have 3 questions, not two) If it's not reasonable, can you recommend anyone reliable and honest in the Nashville, TN area?

Many thanks for your help. There are a lot of scam and con men going around taking advantage of everyone and we can't afford to become victims.

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YES, the wiring HAS to be replaced.
Yes, this sounds quite reasonable. Although prices vary greatly from place to place.

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thank you

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While the quote is "reasonable", you should always get multiple quotes for any job. Not only does it give you peace of mind, but maybe the next guy will catch something the first missed.

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