Water rings on teak table?

badgergrrlOctober 11, 2010

I have a danish teak dining room table that has some water spots on it (some that were there when I got it). I have been faithful about oiling it regularly, however, apparently others have not been so faithful about using coasters. Grrrr.

What are my options for removing the rings?

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I use stain removal cloths and have never had a water stain that I cannot get out. I buy these 20 or 30 at a time and use them professionally. You can find a consumer version at Lowe's in the paint department.

They do leave a rather glossy sheen, so if your finish is flat, you might need to dull down your end result with steel wool and/or a spritz of flat lacquer aerosol.

They also can leave a bit of greasy residue from the rubbing oil in them. You can easily remove this with furniture polish or mineral spirits.

Other home remedies include smearing with Vaseline or mayonnaise, baby oil and cigarette ashes, proprietary products (often containing alcohol (methanol or ethanol)), and gently heating with a hair dryer. I have seen people recommend using a clothes iron -- this is extremely dangerous unless you know a lot about the finish and how much heat it can handle (read: experience).

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Have you tried rubbing in toothpaste? That has always worked for me.

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Do you use teak oil? Teak oil hardens and can be impossible to reamalgamate (soften). The ring is trapped moisture,and can sometimes be removed with a soft lint free cloth and an iron on a low to medium setting. Carefully iron the shirt over the water ring and keep checking to see if the ring is disappearing. It can be an effective method.

Good luck!

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