New window advice needed? (Sound & cold reducing)

badspell68December 22, 2009

We live in a condo in an old brick building and our old aluminum windows(six feet tall)are awful...tons of cold glass, significant cold drafts and outside noise. Do any window experts out there have a recommendation for double hung windows that would "significantly" reduce street noise while also warming up the condo? I spoke to a few local window shops and no one seemed to have any info on sound reducing windows or new multi pain glass that reduces cold. In fact, no one seems to have any info on advanced modern windows at all, they seem to want to quickly sell you the standard off the shelf stuff a fast a possible.

Installers in the NJ Hoboken area, who can help, feel free to send contact information.

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There are various options available. The first would be dual pane. This option can be enhanced with low e, and gas filling, such as argon, to improve thermal performance.
Another option would be triple glazed, again with low e coatings, and gas filling such as krypton. This is a step above the dual pane.
As far as sound deadening, I would recommend a dual pane with one lite of a laminated glass product. This product can also be enhanced with low e coating and gas filling. The laminated product is also a deterent for the criminal element if this is also a concern.

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Any brand recommendations?

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You may want to decide on a budget and the material make up of the windows that you are wanting to replace. They can be wood, vinyl, fiberglass to name a few. Here is a small list of manufactureres that come to mind:
There are others that are of good quality. I am sure others will chime in on this subject.
You can probably do a search on these companies to see what others have to say about them. By searching these, other quality products will be found.
This will get you started on your research. Also, maybe contact some local dealers as they carry various brands.

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6 foot DH windows should be aluminum typicaly. How wide of windows are we talking about. You said condo, what floor?

Sound, Laminated glass for the outter layer of the IGU, but heres the key to sound deading laminated glass, the inner and outer layers of glass must be differnt thicknesses. so 1/16 lami 1/8...

If you need a aluminum window, I worked with TRACO for 10 years and the TR9100 or TR5000 would be a nice fit. there are many other reputable brands in the market place. kawneer, moduline, wassau, quaker... quaker or TRACO will be the cheapest...

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I am also looking to install sound dampening glass. Question: does the laminate layer get yellow or off color in time? I am in a very hot sunny climate (southern Arizona), if that makes a difference in yellowing.

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Windows on Washington Ltd

Laminated is a must for sound control.

There are no yellowing concerns. Laminated glass is what is in your windshield and they don't yellow.

A 6ft tall window is well within the capabilities of a good vinyl window. The brands mentioned in the first post are very good brands.

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