Hayward Pool Pump

mjfricMay 29, 2009

I just bought a HAYWARD SP2605X7 Super Pump 3/4HP pool pump without a cord. It can be used on either a 115vac or 230vac line and the one I am replacing was previously using 115vac. It has a jumper which I moved as the diagram specified to line up the arrow to point to 115 (it basically just disconnected one of the connectors). I then connected the cord to ground screw, then the two screws. I plugged it in and got a hum. I very quickly unplugged it and rechecked the wiring. The diagram said the "line" should be on bottom screw. The hot was on top screw so I swapped the wire connections. I then retried and got a quick spark when plugging it in. I'm out of ideas on what I though was a 5 minute job. I checked the voltage ad its 120 from source outlet, I also checked cord and its OK. Please help!

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Ron Natalie

I suspect it's jumpered wrong. Usually there are two jumpers to move between 120 and 240.

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Thanks. However, there is one jumper on that pump, and they do a good job of placing stickers all over the place that you need to move that one jumper for 110v. Its basically a female plug thats conected to two male prongs for 220; you remove and lower it to only connect it to the bottom prong for 110v. They even have a "110v" arrow to line it up for you. So I thought that it was done right. The bottom female slot on the jumper is now empty and not connected anything, which I thought was OK since only one 110 now.

So assuming that the jumper is OK, and that the hot coming in is connected to "line" and the white coming in is connected to L2 and ground is fine, I'm still confused.

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Phone Hayward or the nearest Hayward service depot on Monday morning. You'll get the best answer from them.

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I seem to be having exactly the same problem that you did. My 3/4 hp Hayward pump is on a 220v circuit, so I did not have to change the jumper. I connected the black wire to the bottom "line" terminal, and the white wire to the top terminal.

There was a spark when I first turned it on, followed by a hum as it worked splendidly. (I figure it is probably supposed to hum, instead of the grinding and groaning that I am used to from my old pump.) Then I turned it off and on several more times and it worked fine with no more sparks.

I left it off until evening, and when I turned it on again there was a large spark and the pump did not start. The circuit breaker is not tripped.

So . . . Did you ever find out what your problem was, because my problem is probably the same.

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Correction-- Although the circuit breakers in the basement were not tripped, a fuse was blown in the box where I turn on the pump in the pool shed.

Also--there is no blackening inside the pump, and the spark--as far as I could tell in my peripheral vision--was some distance away from the pump along the path of the external ground wire.

The electrical cable has a black wire connected to the bottom "line" terminal, a white wire connected to the top terminal, and a ground wire connected to the green screw an inch or so up from the top terminal. The ground wire touches insulated wires but not bare wires.

There is also an external ground wire that connects to a wire clamp on the outside of the pump.

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