Protect New Construction Windows Until Siding is Up?

seagirlqaDecember 7, 2013


We are rebuilding our house and scheduled to install our Marvin Integrity windows next week, however, our builder just informed us that because we ordered the wood interior, not all ultrex, we now need to wait until we have the siding scheduled as well. Previously they had said we could paper and then have siding installed at a later date.
We do not have a siding company lined up and waiting to install windows / close everything up will throw all of our interior schedules off -- does anyone know of anyway to paper, install the windows, and then keep them protected on the exterior so that we don't have water seeping in and ruining the wood interiors?

Any thoughts much appreciated!

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Start getting some bids, the siders and windows installers need to be on the same page with new construction windows. I suppose in a pinch you could flash them in if you have enough room but that would be the installers call.

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The windows come from the factory in a shrink wrap. First, staple the wrap within a 1/2" of the interior (the depth of your sheet rock) and then cut and remove the wrap from the exterior prior to installation. Install the windows with the wrap to the interior and there you have your temporary protection. Hope that is clear.

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Unless they are siding the inside of the house I don't see why it word make a difference if all ultrex or wood.

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Thanks very much for the suggestion eastbay10. Our contractors are the ones installing the windows, so I will speak with them about your suggestion!

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This time of year, I don't see what the issue is with the wood interior either.

Siding and windows should be done in concert for the reasons that Todd mentioned.

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