Wireless light switch for switched outlet?

vikingshelmutMay 8, 2009

So we have no overhead lighting in any of our bedrooms, but every room has a switched outlet. Unfortunately the outlets they all control are in very poor locations. I've seen units that have a battery powered light switch you mount to the wall that controls a separate module, but I really don't want to mount a completely separate light switch right next to the one that controls the ill placed switched outlet. What I'd like to get is something I can't find but I have to imagine exists. I'd like to get two modules, one that plugs into a switched outlet and one that plugs into the outlet you want switched. When you throw the light switch on the wall, it sends power to the switched outlet which in turn signals the other unit to power on. Does something like this exist?

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Not exactly, but if you go to Smarthome.com you can get a switch that will replace your existing switch and a receptacle that you can put where you want then the switch will control 1/2 of that new receptacle. You will splice the present switch wires together to make the present switched recep always hot, and wire in the new switch as per the instructions. If you can, get the Insteon setup. It costs more than the X10 but is more reliable.

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Before you do all that though, it is possible that the switched wire runs thru more than just one of your receps. If so, you can change which one you want switched. If you look inside the box of the recep you want switched and see a red wire, it can most likely be switched.

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You will need to get power for you new fixture from somewhere. If you can fish a wire from the new fixture to either the existing switch or switched receptacle it is easy to wire the switch to control the new fixture.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Joefixit2, I'll check the outlet I want switched for that red wire. I also checked out that smarthome website, man there are a lot of things there! I can't really find the one you are referring to because I don't exactly know what I'm looking for. Can you point me at the right item?

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This might get you started.

Here is a link that might be useful: X-10 combo

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If you don't want the current outlet to be on a switch and want to use one of the remote control light switches on another outlet instead, this is what I would do.

Disconnect the current switch. Connect the 2 black wires from the switch together. That will make your current switched outlet into a regular outlet.

Buy a solid cover plate for the box. You can get them at Home Depot or similar that are just solid with no slots for switches. You can stick your remote control switch right over your current switch position.

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That's what I was thinking of doing, but I was hoping to find a remote switch that would fit inside the old receptacle once I removed the original switch. That would make it look like a normal switch instead of one that sticks out off the wall. Have you seen one like that? All I can find are the various X10 style kits that do way more then I want to do.

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Man, I'd love to get the thing the OP wanted. It would be SO much easier, and I wouldn't have to tear up the walls of my brand new house. It's been a while since he posted. Does anybody know if something like that exists now?

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