why cant a patio door be reversed?

jeanweddingDecember 30, 2012

Hubby says it can not,,,,,
Bought used aluminum clad windows and aluminum clad patio door last week,,,,, way too cheap... all for one price, Knew before we drove the almost 100 miles it was the wrong handed.... But all the used windows came for one price anyway...
well question is why cant a left handed patio door be changed to a right handed.. you know the right panel swings in and the left panel stationary...???
reason we need to install another door is the the wooden patio door is rotted sill and bottom of door rotted and center outdide post rotted.... and glass is fogged.....
was all the way ,when bought house "as is"
what a mistake...
A new aluminum clad starts at $1400 I say starts...
I must have prev been born in Missouri(LOL) cause I can not understand why NOT....
Our neighbor changed his single ....full view exterior aluminum clad door ( from major window distrubtor "garage sale")from right holed 6o left holde. works fine...
Course that is a single door not a patio door
Thanks Yall

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Some can and many can't. Depends on the manufacturer. I would start with them and their advice. In some cases, the manufacturer will tell you it can't be done because the door is drilled for a certain operation and if you reverse it, there will be unsightly holes to plug etc. If you can live with that (and probably can since you bought these used) it may be accomplished but again, start with the manufacturer and see if they have any instructions.

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+1. Anything CAN be done, it is just a matter of whether the parts are designed to be reversible, or if it would take some serious modification and consequently voiding the warranty.

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Hey , guys. what warranty>>>>>>>
member, Yall, I said I bought them used
------and yall dont wannna know how they were stored.... duh..... when we drove the 100 mile trip....Only tag is on one on only one of the windows . It is a partial paper tag... can see the word "premium" and the sills of the windows and the patio door .....are NOT aluminum clad.....ugh ugh......
The seller conveniently left that out in their on line free ad.... But buyer beware right????
Thanks yall ,,,,please more input... so appreciate all the help....
Thanks yall

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jeanwedding, I'm assuming that when you say "patio doors" that you mean swinging double doors (some call them French doors). If you simply want to make the opposite door the "active" (the one with the lockset), depending upon the style, you may get away with turning the pair of doors upside down. This will allow the locks and strikes to stay lined up. You may have to change the hinge locations and create new header and sill holes for the flush bolts for the inactive door. Depending upon the door height, the lock height will be 4-6" higher, also.

I have done this before on flush doors, but if these have glass in them, you might not be able to do it as it will look weird because the top rail and bottom rail are now switched. Don't worry, my cousin is from Mo., too. Just weanted to let you know that you aren't totally crazy and that it can be done in some instances.

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