Cutting glass panel with lead design

tinylady1November 21, 2008

I am not sure if anyone here can help me but I thought I would give it a try.

My husband brought home 3 glass panels that were made for cabinet doors. They have a beautifull lead design. I do not need them for my doors but I wanted to cut them to fit in a picture frame. I went to a place that cuts glass but they said they have never done this and was not sure if they could.

Does anyone know how to do this?

Thanks Marie

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If I understand you correctly, you want to cut the whole panel out of the frame, saving the lead design??? to be framed??? I'd say, run your glass cutter wheel along the edge of the frame to score the glass and tap it out gently. Of course, you'll have to cut the came of the design, and I suppose a tin snip could do that. Try another glass store or auto glass shop.

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Can you post a picture? That might help.


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It is a glass panel that is suppose to go in a cabinet door. It is NOT in any frame now. Just the glass. It is an odd size, 16x23. I want to cut it to 16x20 to fit a picture frame or any frame to hang up. I wanted to know how to cut through the lead design that is in the glass.

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Why can't you leave it the way it is and frame it? Or get a glass shop to add zinc framing all the way around, that would beef it up. I can't imagine that they couldn't come up with a solution. Cutting it smaller would probabaly be a BIG hassle, as you would have to take 2 sides apart, and probabaly cut all new pcs the right side unless it didn't break, and redo all the lead. Even then it would be a good suggestion to zinc around it for support.

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Warners have a pop lock framing system that might suit you.
Delphi, Glasscrafters and others have wood framing for panels.
I've been told cut down tongue and groove wood flooring works but haven't tried it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Warner-Criv

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It's really going to be easier to do a custom frame of some kind. You can't just cut across the whole panel, glass, lead & all. It would have to be disassembled, glass pieces cut, and reassembled.

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Thanks for the idea's. I was thinking that I might have to leave it the way it was. Does the craft stores sell frame kits? I asked about a frame made for the one and they wanted $40.00 for just one. I was hoping for a cheaper way to do this so I could do them all.

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